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Bachelor 2017: Ist Silvana Joppich schon vergeben.

Bts Highlight Reel

- Nicole Tannus hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. [ENG TRANS] Timeline of the events in HYYH:THE NOTES and HIGHLIGHT REEL Trans&Edit: @szkvr @TOKYO_TEMTEM Thank you © @bangtan_lab #​HYYH. 21/set/ - BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel 承.

Love Yourself: Highlight Reel EXPLAINED

#BTS (#방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '起' @BTS_twt @bts_bighit​ - Aug. Retweets; BTS ~ RÉACTIONS. Petite réaction BTS ~ je pense pas que je vais vous expliquez ce que c'est une. - Nicole Tannus hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

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[BTS 방탄소년단] 실시간속보 미국시청자 열광 슈퍼볼 BTS \

Bts Highlight Reel This is J-Hope birthday well Of course, with clothes, make up and all you can be prettier. If you have any idea, please share it with me! V and the darkness. I really want to read the book Demian, and your Demian Blue Tv.

Felix und Sunny Bts Highlight Reel. - Vorgestellte Kanäle

Produktbeschreibung Atemberaubende Fotoreproduktionen; schau dir die Bewertungen an, wenn du's nicht glaubst Qualitativ sehr hochwertige Drucke auf Silberhalogenid-Basis Papier in Archivqualität Wähle dein Finish: Schimmernd für eine feinkörnige Oberflächentextur, Metallisch für eine glänzende Oberfläche mit Frühstücksfernseh Tiefe. - BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel 承. 21/set/ - BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel 承. - katelyn ♡ ฺ゜。 hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. - Nicole Tannus hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '起'. I’m French, not Chinese but apparently, this han 起 means many things as: (according to wikipedia) 1. to rise; to go up; to move up. 2. to stand up; to rise. 3. to break out; to grow. 4. to start; to begin;to become; to take. 5. to initiate; to instigate; to trigger off. BTS theory — Love Yourself: Highlight Reel. M ratings k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t. Ryujin Cutscene from BTS Love Yourself Highlight reel, Sorry for unclean cut.. Hope u Enjoy Subscribe, Like, and Comment to support this channel and to ke. I just wanna learn this chore following jhope and jimin:DThat's why I made this videoHope it helps:)All copyright belongs to Big Hit Entertainment. August 15th, BTS has just released their highlight reel video and many fans are already recognizing some of their co-stars. BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '起' GIF. K views. A few of the girls featured in the video are, in fact, JYP Entertainment trainees.

Now that I know that this makes more sense because in this whole note he is talking about the girl and it would be weird if we suddenly had a he.

V looks at his phone, which is his only way of contacting the other boys since they have split up after the fight. Then we see some of his memories:.

Remember these moments? They were from the prologue. This means that that picture above moment really did happen, which is why we see V remembering it.

The sound of cicadas that chirred like showers end in an instant. Just the fact that you are in it makes all the difference.

Even if this were a dream, this is where I choose to be. He remembers the time he spent with them and decides to keep them as memories and not start new things with the boys.

Having already noticed her yellow hair band, he decides to give her a new one. Before she can notice, he just puts it next to her while getting off the bus.

Jungkook and the girl, who is also sick. And they notice a girl singing. After he hears the girl, Jungkook walks closer:. Now: We already know that Suga and the girl are pretty close.

And if durning this time, Jungkook and Suga had been close as well, then Jungkook would know who that girl is or why she has the lighter.

But him being surprised shows us that Jungkook does not know anything about the girl or the lighter. Jungkook was replaced by that girl.

Jungkook and Suga were together at some point. Before there was the girl. And back then, the apartment was still empty. But after Jungkook and Suga stopepd talking, it is now Suga, the girl and the piano.

Probably the girl. Because right now, the girl is the only person Suga is close to. He is not talking to the other boys, so who else could it be?

He was about to take out a cigarette when he stops and smiles. It is obvious that he is thinking about the girl since she was the one who made him stop.

He then starts smiling at the thought of her. But there is no smile whatsoever. He just stares at the name. Why would he look like this if it was the girl calling?

He was waiting for her call and was smiling while thinking about her. So, why that face? Looking back, I had known all along that underneath the glittering world before my eyes lay my deception, that everything was to collapse with a breath of wind.

I turned away, sidestepped, simply closed my eyes. Afraid I was, afraid to be loved for who I am. Suga was somewhat happy while thinking about the girl and waiting for her call.

I think the note and that call scene are connected. Because in that note he finds out something bad. Now before I continue explaining what I mean, I gotta says this: You might think but the girl is next to him in the note?

And he gets a message not a phone call? In the note there is no cake. The girl is already there. Because Jhope is reminded of his mother when he gets that cake from the girl, not after she calls his name.

Suga must have heard something bad. Suga was expecting her to call, he was happy while thinking about her and now he pushers her away.

All this after getting that call. This means that whatever he found out makes him frustrated and angry enough to push her away. What did he find out?

Because look: On JUNE 14, we see Jungkook in the hospital on a wheelchair and on JUNE 13, Jin finds out that Jungkook got hurt.

This means that the accident must have happened before the 13 th. And on the 8 th , Suga gets a call that makes his heart feel heavy and scares him.

And we also have this. But then they drifted apart and Suga only focused on the girl. I think that the second one is more likely.

Because Suga feels guilty. Remember what Suga said in his note moments before finding Jungkook in front of that piano in that shop?

Instead he was with the girl. Because both in WINGS and in YNWA, Suga was seriously affected by Jungkook. Staying by her side and being happy might not feel right when Jungkook is hurting.

They try to hide but V tells the girl something and walks out. At the end, he gets caught. In the next scene, Jimin and the girl accidenlty hurt each other?

But he does something wrong and they end up hurt. It seems as if he sees something and then turns back. I think the reason why Jimin goes back is because he feels guilty.

What I am trying to say is: In WINGS, they were the innocent ones. Jimin chose evil because he was manipulated by Suga, not because he truly had evil thoughts since the beginning.

Jhope changed after watching all of his friends become evil. But they both were the ones who stayed together the longest. And maybe they also have that type of bond in Love Yourself?

To be honest, I really am not sure… there is just not enough stuff to anything about those two. Where is she? There are two possibilities: 1.

After Jungkook was released, she was healthy again and left the hospital, which would mean that she broke off contact with Jungkook. To be honest, number 2 would make a lot more sense since it would mean that instead of Jungkook, the girl died.

Every alley and crossroad I walked through were all meant to lead me to this very place. That kind of moment is what I mean.

What moment? The moment Jin met the girl. And even if this beautiful life is just a dream and not reality, Jin wants to stay here. Because reality is full of problems.

Because he was afraid of reality. Reality meant problems. And he is scared to be loved for who he really is. And in her notebook we see the Smeraldo flower.

The girl was interested in that flower. And that is why Jin wants to buy her those flowers. He wants to make her happy.

He wants to be a good person. He believes that by making her happy, he can become a good person.

It still is there and keeps getting bigger and more complicated. Instead of doing that, he completely focuses on someone else and give his everything to make that person the girl happy because he thinks that by making her happy he and his world can become good.

The girl dies before Jin can give her the flowers. Just like that owner and the man from the Smeraldo story. And his beautiful world collapsed with a breath of wind.

But she died because of him, just like how the boys had died. If we could turn back the clock, where should we go back to? Once we reach that place can all our mistakes and errors be undone?

Will happiness be ours to stay? These were all things that happened in WINGS. But the clock was turned back. Jin turned it all back to before all of this this happened.

From WINGS to YNWA and then all the way back to Love yourself. And did it help? Were his mistakes and errors undone? Was happiness his to stay?

Though many seasons pass, there are places that cannot be reached. Yet another storm to be faced and to be weathered head-on.

Loving without fear. Hesitating and parting. Merely living as the person I am. Instead, he picks up the Lilies. The Lilies that he always let down.

That kind of moment is what I mean. So, we have to look this video being aware that destiny is the center of everything.

It means that all actions we do, all choices we make, all meeting we can have in one day is due to Destiny. Everything is premeditated.

I immediately noticed the piano that we can find almost in all their MV. But, it sets me thinking. The piano is a reference to First Love written by Suga.

And there is a girl with him Probably his girlfriend. First Love? You see? She is probably his first love. When Suga was about to lighten his cigarette, the girl took his lightener to avoid him to smoke.

At first, I thought the Y was for Yoongi and the K was for the first letter of her name. Now, I think Y. K correspond to her initials only.

Because she took possession of this lightener. Plus, she showed him a lollipop. If you want to have something into your mouth then, take this lollipop.

Then, what is the link with the quote above? This is J-Hope birthday well In the scenario, not in the reality My thought is that the quote is a reference to her.

Plus, we all know that J-Hope is our sunshine, so, it suits him to compare his mother to the sun or to a star. Only a sun can give birth to a sun, no?

And since Jimin and J-Hope seemed to be best friends, maybe Jimin lied to himself and to J-Hope about his real feelings.

But, because he has a hard life without his mum by his side, perhaps, Jimin wants J-Hope to be happy and so, to have a girlfriend to support him.

Here, Rapmon seems to spy a girl who is distributing advertising. In any case, they know each other. Because why Namjoon would run so fast only for helping a girl who had seen her paper escaping her hands?

But not for a person we know well. Go away! But Namjoon saw her. Just a minute… Ok… BIGHIT WHY? This time, we see JungKook into the hospital going somewhere, in a place only him knows.

This girl is also sick. Now, the quote. Now, we can see Tae Tae eating ramens and seeing a girl stealing the shop. So, you have to suffer, you have get hurt, to pay expensive clothes and all, only to be pretty.

Everyone has his own beauty. Of course, with clothes, make up and all you can be prettier. But, will it make you really happy in fact? The quote.

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Ähnliche Designs Entdecke ähnliche Designs von über The quote. If we could turn back the clock, where should we go back to? And that Top 10 Komödien 2021 why Jin wants to buy her those flowers. Though 300 Deutsch seasons pass, there are places that cannot be reached. Jimin practises alone. I think the note and that call scene are connected. I already explained how Jin went back in time from WINGS to YNWA and then lastly LY at the end he goes back to AUG 30 th again. He wants to be a good person. Alison Taylor you very much!!! Jin turned it all back to before all of this this happened. Comments That kind of moment is Fairy Tail Dub I mean. I'm working hard on Hightlight Reel since it's updated Suga was expecting her Outlander Dokumentation Wiederholung call, he was happy while Schwärmt about her and now he pushers her away. Anonymous asked: Hope you doing ok! BTS فیلم کامل LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel با زیرنویس چسبیده ی فارسی کیفیت p از کانال ♪.. B.T.S ∞ A.R.M.Y. 3/31/ · It’s been over 2 years since BTS released their LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel. The female cast of these videos caught some attention in the past, where the audience was curious about the identities of the cast. The release of love yourself highlight reel at 12 AM KST on August 16th made many armys (jung)shook >>> There are a total of 6 girl characters there I will reveal who the suspected girls are. But first off all, I AM NOT % SURE SO PLEASE EXCUSE.